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Happy Halloweem

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Happy Halloween everyone enjoy your day, dont get sick from all the kids candy hahahahaha
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We went to a small party thrown by a friend of my wife. It's a younger crowd, but enthusiastic with some really good costumes. And I know what Blinds' talking about; this years' theme seems to be whores, celebrity whores and discount lingerie models. But we spent the night with zombies, royalty, a couple of outcasts from the Village People and a pirate to name a few. I have to admit that I was a little embarassed to have to disclose that I got all the 'vintage' clothing and accesories that made up my costume from my closet and basement...

At the very least, my fringed jacket outdated everyone in the room but me and perhaps my wife. Who, by the way, was kind enough to point out that, with the exception of the house itself, I was the oldest thing in it...

I might yet post a pic.
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Not so much a costume but more like really old laundry...

Also wearing my old Chuck Taylor hi-tops.

Everything but the shoes seem to have shrunk somewhat...
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