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Greetings from Cowtown

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Howdy from Fort Worth! First time bike owner and rider (of the street variety, anyway). This looks like a great place to be, so I figure I would jump on...

I wound up getting a nice '79 CX500C from a buddy that moved out of state about four months ago. He was the original owner, so I have all of the service records from when the bike was new, a shop manual and a few extras along with it (fairing, trunk, etc.). He rode it on occasion, and it runs pretty well. It had set up for about six months prior to me getting my hands on it, so a little work is in order (that is half the fun, right!).

Since providing it a new home, I have put about 150 miles on it just riding around the neighborhood and making short runs here or there. Weather has been a limiting factor (yes, I am a wimpy fair weather rider) and I am getting adjusted to riding. There are some things that have to be addressed before going much beyond that (tune up, license, etc.), but those are topics for a later date. Until then, here it is...

I must say that when I got the bike, I was not overly excited about having it. It was neat, but just a motorcycle. As time has past, my enthusiasm and attachment to the bike has grown. As I learn more about it and the history of the CX series, the more the character of the bike comes out and the more I like it. I am looking forward to getting some of the little things taken care of and getting some road time this spring.

So far, the work I have done on it is change all of the fluids and a general clean up. I have checked the important fasteners for tightness (front end, swing arm, engine mounts, etc.) and fixed a small electrical issue with the turn signals. The battery seemed to be struggling a bit when I got it, so I put it on a fancy electronic battery charger and let it recondition the battery. Seems to have done the trick so far (first sign of trouble and it is gone!).

On the horizon, the items that are on list for attention are the carbs, front brake, steering, and an overall general tune up. I am not planning on doing any customizing to it (outside of a possible paint job). At least for now...

Glad to to have found this group and am happy to be here!
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warm welcome cowboy.i have only one thing to say about your nice,a stunner,you have found a nice home here
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Welcome and excellent year and model choice of CX

You may want to put the CDI replacement on your list of items, if you plan on keeping it for awhile.

Ignitech (CDI) group buy here on this forum put together by Stephen (Cobram) well worth the investment

for now and the future to avoid the inevitable dying of the original at any given time.

As a owner of the same year and model, if you do not mind, what is the mileage and price?

Good Luck and very nice ride.
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Beautiful specimen, congrats on the find! And a warm welcome to the group. You will be very happy with your new friend, and friends here.

Joel in the Couve
HI. Nice story. Thanks for checking in.
Thanks for the warm welcome and nice comments on the "steel horse". It certainly has been a ton of fun so far.

As a owner of the same year and model, if you do not mind, what is the mileage and price?

Don't mind... The mileage is 25k and the price was $500. This was one of those "right place at the right time" scenarios. The time frame he had to peddle the bike was very short. He couldn't take it with him, so offered it up (knowing I would take good care of it). I had the cash. Done deal.

Funny thing is I wasn't even remotely in the market for a motorcycle. It was one of those help a buddy out deals where he was needing to get his things in order, and the immediate thought was "having a bike might be fun". More than I ever imagined!

You may want to put the CDI replacement on your list of items, if you plan on keeping it for awhile.

Thanks for the heads up. I will put that on the list of needed spares to have on hand (may even get a couple). As I have started checking for parts availability, I am finding that some things aren't so easy to find for this machine. Kind of makes it more interesting!

Once again, thanks for the warm welcome! I look forward to spending some quality time here.
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Welcome aboard drummer. Great looking bike. It's always nice to get a bike that has only had one previous owner. This is a great place to be if you are in need of assistance or if you need parts. I have gotten several parts and gotten lots of advise and assistance in the few years that I have been a member. I can honestly say I would not be able to keep our GLs on the road if not for this forum. It's a great place to make new friends as well.


I will highly recommend that you find an empty parking lot and practice slow speed maneuvers several times a week, due to the top-heavy nature of these when they start to go over there's no stopping them and aside from the minor damage they are not easy to pick back up.

Paint doesn't look bad from this perspective but perfect repro decals are available from several sources should you decide to do it.

Grease and change the rear end fluid, air filter and by all means the most important is adjusting the cam chain & valves. Follow the manuals to the letter as even little things like putting the air filter intake cover on where it faces forwards instead of to the rear will mess up the finely tuned design of these.

Run a half can of Berryman B-12 Chemtool through the tank. By no means a proper carb cleaning as only Larry's book will show you how to do that but it will do a fairly good job. DO NOT let the stuff on your paint, cover the tank with something impervious to solvents and if you do accidentally spill some never try to wipe it off, just let it evaporate.

When you've got it in tune it will hold it for a long, long time but be sure to change the oil on a regular basis, most of us use Shell Rotella 15W-40 for about $10/gallon as it doesn't have the new "Energy Efficient" stuff in it that will cause your clutch to slip and also still has a high zinc content that's essential for the tranny gears. Mobil Delvac is an alternative as are most any other 10W40 oils so long as that Energy Saving" claim doesn't appear on the bottle.

These aren't picky so long as you use good gasoline but if you can avoid the ethanol crap stay away from it, tends to eat away the carbs over time.
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As an add on to Marshall, if you ARE stuck with Ethanol, the B12 or Seafoam will help keep that crap at bay, at least as far as I know. (which is about as far as i can toss a pumpkin that weighs 450 pounds)
Welcome to the group.
marshal, thanks for the advise. I spent the first six weeks riding in a parking lot that is about a block from the house. Never got it out of second, but it was very good practice. It certainly is a different world from the dirt bikes I grew up on!

The is in pretty good shape considering the age of the bike. At this point in time, I am planning on leaving at is.

The rear end had a fluid change last spring (approx 500 miles) as recorded in the maintenance log. I didn't do that because of how few miles are on it, but I can easily do that to get more of "my stink" on the bike. The air filter is an item that I haven't found (locally), but need to address. The current fiter isn't in bad shape, but isn't new either. Cam chain and valves; will do very soon (by the end of the week).

Berryman's B-12 is great stuff. The stuff has saved me grief more times that I care to count. As you say, it isn't a full cleaning, but it will definately help. To be honest, I haven't even thought of using some in the bike. I'll add some this evening and see if it helps the carbs or not.

The origional owner found that Havoline 10W-40 worked best in the bike. That is what I put back in it. For what it is worth, I checked the oil last night and found that it is still as clean as it was from the bottle. Granted, it only has a couple hundred miles on it, but it hasn't turned colors. So far it hasn't used any and isn't leaking (knock on wood!).

marshall & ramprat, unfortunately we are stuck with the ethanol blended gasolines thanks to polution laws. It contains 10-15% ethanol in our area.
I am going to order Larry's book, and then give the carbs some proper attention in the not too distant future. That might have to be a yearly task thanks to our wonderful fuels.

Stubby & BS, thanks for the welcome! This is a great place to hang out, shoot the breeze and learn a few things.
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We've got a choice - 0 or take your chances on E-? up to 10% legal.

Go to the Shell Rotella next time, 1M miles on the semis proves it as the best.

You think you've got cows? We'd have to compare.
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