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GPS Fairing Mount

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I wanted to mount my gps to my bike and was looking for options. I saw all the handlebar mounts but I decided I wanted the GPS to be mounted directly in front of me, just above the instruments. This allows me to check the GPS without taking my eyes off what is in front of me, and protects the GPS somewhat from the weather. I first tried the disk and suction cup that came with my Garmin 1450LMT, and it really worked pretty well. I had the uneasy feeling though that it might fall off so I put a different mount on tonight. I really did not feel like spending a lot on a RAM mount, though they are nice and sturdy. So I got a cheap mount and modified it.

The mount I used is a $5 Arkon suction cup mount, but I took the suction cup off and bolted the mount to my Hondaline fairing. I had to drill a hole in the mount, and cut the base a bit to fit. These pics show how I did the installation. It is very secure. I also installed a direct wire power supply so I wouldn't have to plug the lighter socket adapter in every time I wanted to use the GPS. I used a fender washer and some ABS cement to attach the bolt to the hole in the fairing from the back side, and red locktight for the nut.

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Great info. Thanks for sharing it with us. I recently purchased a GPS and I have been pondering how to mount it on my bike. I think I will give your method a try.
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