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Got the paint yesterday

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Since I already had almost a full pint of the base coat color left that should be plenty once reduced as 2 parts color to one part reducer.

This is all DuPont Nason Ful-Base paint, not the highest price stuff out there by any means but I've had good results with it in the past on less critical projects. Hopefully it will work as well for the bike as I'm going to be a lot more picky.

Got a quart of 441-21 reducer, quart of 496-00 clear and a half pint of 483-78 activator.

The guy's been a professional painter for ages and said not to bother using any catalyst in the color base coat, also said if I add a few ounces of the reducer to the clear it should flow out into a perfect finish that probably won't need to be buffed at all.

I've got a high-end Snap-On gun, old bottom feed style but given a decent air supply it does really well. In theory I should have an automotive quality finish within a few hours but he advised letting it cure for several days to ensure it's rock hard before I start riding it.

BTW: This is the color although it doesn't show up properly on a PC monitor due to the metalflake and pearl content:

The above is #1067 of exactly 1,500 built, I've got #317 which is one of only 150 that were built with a full power sunroof. I don't have the hood with the scoops but they can be bought through ASCD or SLP if I recall. The guy is lying a little, none ever came from the factory with that hood, a dealer added it later.

Although still mechanically perfect (and highly modified) it was hit badly by an uninsured driver several years back and, of course, due to financial matters at the time I had dropped collision insurance less than 6 months earlier so it sits in storage. My guess is it's going to take between $4K - $6K worth of body work & paint to get it back on the road in the pristeen condition it once appeared as. If it wasn't so rare, and I didn't have around $4,000 worth of mods put into it I'd probably be better off just selling it. Too bad I don't live in California, I'd get a ton of my friends to write that Chip Foose guy that does the "Overhauled" TV show in hopes it would be chosen as one of his projects.
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