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...there are title issues (bike is titled, but title is lost, PO showed proof of registration). I'm hanging on to the $$$ until it is resolved, with no harshness between buyer and seller. We both understand what needs to happen. He wants his $$$ and I want that title, so until he gets the new re-issued title, I'll just be waiting to actually pay for the bike, and won't ride it till it's really mine...

A title is not needed in Georgia for a vehicle this old. All you need is liability insurance and a bill of sale from the seller to register the bike. Since he has already registered the bike, there is very little risk that someone else has any claim of ownership.

I've bought and sold several older vehicles with only a bill of sale, and never had any issues. If purchased from out of state, the bill of sale must be notarized. It is not necessary to have it notarized if the sale is within state.
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