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GL650 valve clearance?

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While I have the tank off the GL650 to replace the petcock and deal with the weepy valve cover gasket, I thought I'd check clearance on the valves. But, I'm not finding the spec in the FSM.
The service schedule in the GL650 addendum points to page 3-7 in the GL500 section. Are the specified clearances the same as the 500? I had thought they were different.
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I would expect GL650 to be the same as CX650E in which case the clearances are 0.005" exhaust and 0.003" intake; this from the CX650E FSM.
Thanks. I'll take another look at the manual. Maybe I just overlooked it.
It's 4 and 5 thou for 650 engines isn't it?

Or point 10 and point 12 mm.
The CX650E manual gives 0.10 and 0.12 mm and 0.003 and 0.005 ". My calculator says that 0.10 mm is close to 0.004 ". A mistake in the FSM?
Perhaps. I don't often see 650s but unless my memory is faulty these are the specs - an extra thou added to each 500 spec.
In the CX650E owner's manual it gives the specs as 0.10 ( 0.004) and 0.12 ( 0.005). Interesting.
I thought it was .004 and .005 (vs the 500's .003 and .004), but I can't recall where I found that.
I'm pretty certain it's 4 and 5.

Until you find out for sure run with that as, if incorrect 3 is tight on the intake.

If a clearance is wrong better loose than tight.

I'll check my Haynes and Clymers later. I don't have the FSM for the 650.

Google gives 4 and 5 at the top of the page also.
taller motor needs more clearance 4 and 5 thou
Look at the top of page 24-4
For the benefit of those of us that don't have that manual what does 24-4 say?
Page 22-3 from the CX650E Addendum. Arrow to indicate error in FSM.

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For the benefit of those too lazy to look it up in the GL500 & GL650 FSM
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There is no excuse for anyone on this forum not having the FSM for any of these bikes when they are in the Wiki and on Motofaction and I am a big believer in teaching people how to find the answer instead of handing it to them.

Randall is pretty good at looking things up but couldn't find it. I told him where to look so he will know for next time.
Bob. if I was working on a 650 most things are the same as the 500. Auto tensioner. Check. TI ignition. Check.

I knew the valve clearance or have paper manuals to consult. That's what I use.

I only asked.

Generally when a thing is stated a link etc. is posted.


Asking questions does not contravene forum rules and is not open to moderation.
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You made me look it up a second time so that you wouldn't have to. You tell me.
Yes Bob.

Very sorry Bob.

You can recover tabs.
On my high mileage engines I found they run quieter at 3 thou and 4 thou , never have had a valve tighten up but usually find a exhaust valve a couple of thou loose . It would be safer of course to go to 4 and 5 if you have a freshly rebuilt or extremely low mileage motor as in parts will be seating in and ocassionly take up the clearance, happy riding
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