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GL500's have an air hose between the forks to equalize air pressure. For whatever reason, Honda did not include this on the GL650's.

At least a couple of aftermarket kits have been made over the years to add an interconnecting hose to the GL650.

Here is one that was on a GL650 I purchased some time ago. The fork caps appear to be standard GL650 caps. The hose appears to be from a GL500.

This is the left side. Note the addition of a brass-colored adapter with a Shrader air valve. This appears to be the key unique additional part.

This is the right side.

Does anyone know the history of this particular item?

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This setup lookks better than the one I made.

I went to my friendly motorcycle recycler and asked if he had the parts to make one. We pulled out 3 different hoses, not necessarily all Honda, and I made a Y filler/equalizer that has been there for the last 10 years. It cost around $10.00
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