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For sale is a 1983 Honda GL650 with a clear title. It wouldn't really be fair to list this as not a project, even though you could ride it home as long as you lived within about 25 miles. I just rode the bike here from Maryland about 6 weeks ago and it was absolutely flawless until I arrived. I bought it about a year and a half ago from a guy who had owned four of these (and ridden them across the country five times between them all). It had sat in his basement for about 15 years when I bought it. I spent about 6 or 7 months working on it and then rode it until about 6 weeks ago.

What it's got going for it:
-Fairly new rubber front and back (roughly 3500 miles on both)
-Totally rebuilt front brake calipers (new seals, boots, and pads)
-Stainless brake lines
-Spitfire windshield, which I found to be excellent for just taking the force off your chest on the highway
-Custom front turn signal stalks
-New throttle and clutch cables
-New speedo and tach cables
-New Daytona bars. I've found them to be an excellent height and they just clear the tank.
-Manual fan override switch
-Fresh oil and only about 3500 miles on the coolant (I replaced almost everything before I left for my trip and the oil both before I left and when I arrived here)
-Recently replaced mechanical water pump seal and oil seal
-Ultrasonically cleaned carbs according to Larry's book along with all new rubber parts from Randakk's kit
-New seat cover from the rider and pillion
-Rear shock from VTX1300 (I believe). Either way, the new shock dramatically improved the handling and ride.
-Factory silver hard bags
-Big ol box of spare parts including the small pillion trunk, extra headers, about half the engine gaskets, brand new cam chain, spare brake caliper, some extra bag hardware, and lots of odds and ends.

What it needs:
-I replaced the stator along with the mech and oil seals back when I was doing all the work on the back in September with a new unit, but it seems as though it's gone out again. I did some troubleshooting and it seems that the coils are fine, it's just shorting to the case. Sadly, I don't have the appropriate garage space to replace it again anymore.
-They keyed ignition switch was really intermittant and after trying several fixes, including designing and 3d printing a new rear cap and buying and modifying another rear cap, I ended up replacing it with a regular ourdoor DC switch. It tucks nicely down under the tank and behind the engine intakes, so I've felt it's reasonably secure. That being said, all the wiring is intact and so replacing it with a proper ignition switch should be easy if you want to do that.
-The left turn signals only turn on solid and don't flash. I spent forever trying to diagnose that and couldn't figure it out so I just left it.
-The right front turn signal broke my second day in Tucson when the bike took a tumble sitting on hot asphalt, before I realize that I needed to be careful about that after moving from the Northeast.
-Its missing the small piece of plastic behind the pillion seat
-It needs the fork seals replaced, but I've got the brand new Honda seals for both forks
-Gas tank isn't rusted inside (I spent forever cleaning it out) but it could probably stand to be coated because I think there are some very small pinholes in the lower left side of the tank that don't weep enough to cause more than light paint bubbling, but for the sake of transparency I think they could get worse down the road.

As I said, I just don't have a good place to work on it down here and would love for it to go to someone with the interest and space to get it where it could be. I'm keeping it charged with a battery tender and the full battery is enough to get it about 20 or 25 miles, so if you lived close enough you could just ride it home. I think that given the amount of replaced parts on the bike, $900 is a reasonable price to ask. If I'm way out of line, I'd certainly appreciate some feedback on that. The bike did a flawless job carrying me and my belongings the 3600 miles from Maryland down to Tucson, so I think I can say with fair certainty that by replacing the stator (and the cam chain while you're in there since you'll have a brand new one), you should have an excellent running bike. PM with your email or phone and we can move from there if you're interested.



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