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Hi amigos! I have been lurking and slowly working on my GL650 build. There is great info on this forum. I figured I will go ahead and chronicle my build here. I had only planned to do a handle bar and headlight swap but here I am....redoing the entire bike.

I am getting the bike into the configuration I want which is like a tracker, desert, dirt road racer thing. I have swapped in an R6 shock in the rear and some Renthal motocross style bars. I have of course stripped off all the super useful GL touring stuff. Don;t worry though. All the bits have gone to good homes both locally and abroad. I have mounted a sub-frame fro a Ducati 1098 in place of the big stock piece and have also swapped out the GL tank for one from a Yamaha XS750. I have rebuild kits for the carbs and forks and new bearings for the wheels. The bike ran great but I figure I will go ahead and do the triple by pass stuff when I pull the motor out. The frame will get powder coated after I finish with all the little fab work, grinding, mock up etc....The sub-frame feels solid as a rock but I still may add in one more support from the sub-frame to the top of the rear shock mount...does anyone have a better idea to support it in the least visible way?

I am happy with how the bike is coming along, I just wish I were able to move faster on the build. In any case, I am having great fun making my vision a reality and really appreciate all the info from the forum members.

I have some photos below and links to a couple videos of the build progress. :vs_party2:

How the bike started
GL650 Stock.JPG
How the bike sits now
GLwith Tank Subframe.JPG

Some videos below of making the tank fit and the subframe.

XS750 Tank Swap #1

XS750 Tank Swap #2

Ducati Sub-frame Mounting
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