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GL650 coolant capacity/changeout procedure

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I want to change the coolant in the '83 GL650 I just bought because I have no idea when it was last done - but I'm not sure where the drain is or what the system capacity is, as well as any other procedures I should know about before starting. I'd also like to put in a new thermostat - just because the one in there may be 28 years old.

Any tips/advice would be appreciated!
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In the General Discussion section, there is the Quick Reference post that has many helpful tips and lots of great resources. If you don't have a manual, it can be found there, but I have a link to it HERE I don't have the exact quantity in my head. One thing to remember though.....filling the overflow bottle won't fill your system. Always use the filler neck on the radiator first, then have the overflow bottle at the proper level to allow for the fluids to move back and forth as the system goes through it's normal cycles.

I believe the thermostat is at the top front part of the engine, under the tank. Not easy to get to without removing the tank and other incidentals. You will see where the coolant system hoses go when you have access to that area. Make sure you have good hoses, and solid fitting clamps on all connections.

In the meantime, please update your profile with your location, and add your bike model/year to your signature so we all can help you better. You never know when someone near you may be able to assist.

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