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GL650 Color

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Did the GL650 use a different red than the 500? I got some luggage off a 650, but I can’t tell if it’s actually a different color or if it’s just faded. Either way, is there an good way to match the colors, or should I give up on that idea?
I did find the color code for the GL500, but couldn’t find one for the GL650
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There’s no listing there for the GL650. There is a GL700, which I’m guessing is a non-US market variant, but I didn’t know if it would have used the same color
According to cmsnl the GL650 is Candy Wineberry Red with gold and metallic red stripes.
Noted. Maybe I’ll paint these. I think an entirely different color would probably look better than a not quite matching one
You could have your existing colour scanned and have paint mixed to match.
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