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GL500i steering bearings

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Noticed a definite front wheel wobble at low speeds, especially with no hands on the bars.

Read some posts about bearings, but had some real basic questions before I start.

1) is it worth just trying to tighten them first and see how it goes? Or should I just replace with a tapered set?

2) is there a full step by step on replacing them anywhere? Do I need any special tools?

3) any ideas on jacking front wheel up without a jack? Don't currently own a jack, but will get one if it's the best way to get the wheel off.

Thanks in advance
(I like pics, so figured others might enjoy thos one)
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I think all FSMs are the same. The BM ones I’ve had and a Suzuki one were the same, they only deal with certain jobs that might need explaining even to mechanics. At the end of the day, an FSM shouldn’t need to explain the basics. Another reason why I try to have as much literature as possible. With Si, my CX I also added the Haynes manual to the FSM I was lucky enough to get with the bike.

Oh and I’ve just fitted tapered head bearings. More stripping down than any other head job I’ve done.
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I use a trolley jack where I modified the top to fit part of a crappy bike lift I‘d bought.
I discovered that overtime, it would lower slowly by itself, so I drilled some holes as per the second picture for various heights and slid a 6mm piece of bar through to keep it there. Worked a treat keeping Si’s front end up for a few weeks. That would also sort out Sidecar Bob’s issue.

I actually also fitted pieces of wood to the cross members with cable ties which raised it from any engine protrusions and also made it less likely to damage the frame. Just for extra height in the last picture, I just added loose fitting wood as a temporary measure.

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