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GL500i steering bearings

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Noticed a definite front wheel wobble at low speeds, especially with no hands on the bars.

Read some posts about bearings, but had some real basic questions before I start.

1) is it worth just trying to tighten them first and see how it goes? Or should I just replace with a tapered set?

2) is there a full step by step on replacing them anywhere? Do I need any special tools?

3) any ideas on jacking front wheel up without a jack? Don't currently own a jack, but will get one if it's the best way to get the wheel off.

Thanks in advance
(I like pics, so figured others might enjoy thos one)
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I would first try to diagnose the condition of the bearings & races, such as:
1. Elevate the front wheel by having someone push down on the back while on the center stand, then place a block of wood or mile crate as mentioned by others. You'll be able to judge the steering bearing conditions better with the wheel off the ground.
2. Grab the front wheel by the axle, try to jiggle it back& forth. Is there any play? There shouldn't be any. If play, try tightening the bearing nuts a little.
2a.. Turn the handlebars slowly. Do they feel loose? If so, try tightening the bearing nuts a little.
3. Turn hbars again, do you hear any grinding? Is there a notch in the center when the wheel is pointing straight ahead? If so, bearings or races probably need replacement.
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