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GL500I ridden across the USA

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This guy bought what looks like an '82 GL500 Interstate, and rode it across the USA... This might have been posted before, but I thought it was interesting, and a great tribute to a wonderful bike!!

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The guy now has a "part 2" with a different title, but keeps trash-talking the Silverwing and the 89 GL1500 also featured in the video. I opted not to comment on the newest video because it's mostly just a lot of trash-talk and sounds pretty ignorant and uniformed to me, whis is hard because I'm not a snob, by any means. I guess it's just what this guy thinks a "biker image" should be. Ironic how he trash-talks Honda, praises HD, and yet seems to get always better miles for the dollar on the Hondas. Go figure. I get the same feeling watching this guy as I do watching "flat-earthers" that try to use modern technology to "disprove" modern physics, lol!

Part 2: Watch at your own risk. I got through only by doing the 5-sec skip method to find the good parts; there weren't any.
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