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I was making a few but i'm not sure any more if I have a place to make them as of yesterday.

Short story

My neighbor who said I could use his garage stopped me yesterday on my way to work and said that he came home drunk the other night and couldn't figure out how to park the car in the garage with the bike in there. So he asked if I not park the bike in there till the snow flies again. To what extent that actually means who knows but I was more disturbed over the fact that he was driving drunk and didn't care about it.

I would put money on it that he doesn't even enter that garage again till october. Of course 3 weeks ago he told me I could have free reign on it since he guaranteed me that he wouldn't be back in there till october. So it sits vacant. Well that's not true it has a 10 speed bicycle in it and a kids sled.

I'm just glad I got David W.'s extender done before I got this news.
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