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GL café conversions, not CX

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Having a GL that I'm converting into a café, I'm particularly interested in seeing other GLs built this way. The mono shock allows for a really "void" area behind the engine bay. I think this provides a unique look and am looking forward to making the most of this look. Anyone else have any examples?

I plan on swapping to a Deluxe tank (anyone wanna trade) and adding a chrome front fender while maintaining the stock fork brace. As for the seat, I believe I might just have a solo seat "hanging off" the tank mount area with no rear support, I only weight 150lbs.
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I am building one, and Need4steed has built on. His is quite nice, and he utilized the stock gl tank, and made it work.

here is a quick link for you to take a look at what i have. I was posting trying to help out. Its all together and works, but i have to wait until i get everything moved down here to FL. I still have a few things that i want to do, but the general look that i wanted is there.

thanks for the good word on by GL. How is yours coming together?
Not much happening. Between school and work, plus it being over at my old house I haven't had time to touch it.
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