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Getting Ready!

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Well, it seems like the long winter is about over. I've got a new (used) seat for the bike this year, a new oil filter bolt, as I think I've wrenched too hard on the old one, I picked a a 17mm brand new one on ebay. Have a new filter and oil ready to go, when it warms up enough to get the bike out of the shed. I was checking the bike out the other day and it looks good after its long sleep. I can't hardly wait! Enough of the cold! Rick
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Starting to warm up here, again. lol. Working on getting the wife's "new" bike going. Can't wait to ride every day again.
This weekends is going to be near 50 so mine will be out. Maybe sooner depending on when I get out of work.
I woke mine up this past weekend. After resolving some fuel supply problems that I didn't have time to deal with last winter, some fresh gas, and a little jump she rumbled back to life. After the fuel problems last winter and the time in storage, I forgot how much I like riding the GL.

The weather is breaking, time to put some miles on.

Best to all,

Supposed to hit 50 here too..but with snow & rain on thursday. I need to check the battery too, last fall it was starting a little slow, I'll top off the water, charge it good and try it. Got my fingers crossed!
Snowed here on Sunday waitin for some warmer temps can hardly wait just like the frog below!

Snowed here on Sunday waitin for some warmer temps can hardly wait just like the frog below!


Boris, thanks for the video, needed a good laugh.

BTW still looking for the old oil cans for you, I have not forgot.


Been working on my exhaust, been in the 30's & 40's but they talk about it warming up another possible chance of snow maybe this week or weekend then who knows went for a ride last week before i took her apart.. soon we all will ride....
soon we all will ride....

Insisted on riding today..... jacked my shoulder up again... LOL

...I really need to learn to behave...
Behaving is no fun lol hope your feeling better soon Dakota
I DO feel better... lol... that's the problem, I go back to doing the usual stuff
Today was my 1st ride of the 2011 season. Took my new to me 83 Yamaha YB100 out for its inaugural run, and the feeling

is back. How I miss the joy of 2 wheels in the fresh air, albeit the temp was a cool 4C or 40F. The ride was brief and

in town for only a half hour, but it was fun and great to be out after a long layoff this past winter. Come on summer.
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My wife and I went for a nice ride yesterday. It was a little cool, but a good time was had by all.
Ah finally 46 out I may go for a ride before work took her out for a buzz around the hood lol... wow with all the exhaust leaks fixed all those weird noises went away. What sounded like timing chan issues went away. These new mufflers purrrr, in the next few weeks I plan on getting the mech seal for I noticed a couple of drips here and there and front fork seals. Looking for rear shocks also little at a time but I can ride local to work for now if the weather behaves hahaha everone be safe and have fun
Well, got my 1980 CX500 running yesterday, went for a quick ride, it started snowing, but just a little. Today I'm changing the oil & filter, spark plugs and put the new to me seat on. Looking good, except I may have to get that new battery. I going to use the contact cleaner today and see if that helps it start better, but I'm pretty sure I need the battery. Its nice today with plenty of sun but windy. 50 degrees so that helps.
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Just got done taking the bike for a ride- 71 degrees but WINDY! Can't say I'm a big fan of riding sideways to deal with the wind.....
Yes also windy here in south central PA But the ride was great. gonna ride to work in a little while also have fun be safe....
You too!! Ended up bring 75 here today... spent the evening riding

Soooooooo at peace right now!
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Fresh oil, filter, battery (sealed type), plugs, check...went for a good ride today, it was about 65 & Sunny here today. Awesome ride, thank God Spring is here.
My wife and I went for a great ride today. Temp made it into the mid 60's. It was GREAT!!!! We saw at least 15 other bikes out too. I hope this is really Spring.
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