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It's not the,"Synthetic" part of oil that causes clutch slip but the friction modifiers.

Note:The drive box oil should be changed at the same time as the engine oil for good measure.The type of drive oil required is embossed on the Drive unit.It only takes a little so a bottle of Hypoid 80w90 gear oil will last a loads of changes.

Do NOT overfill the drive box otherwise it can blow it's seals and make sure it's Pressure release assembly is clean and good.Parts numbered 15/20/4 on here,

Also 3 pumps of Grease into the zerk every oil change(Take off and clean to make sure it's working correctly).I do re-emptive oil changes between 3,000/4,000 miles.I also add a little Molyslip to my engine and Final drive box.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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