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Gasket Set

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I see many gasket sets on ebay. Usually they say they are 50 pice sets or something like that. Most of the time it is fairly obvious what gaskets come with the kits but I was wondering if they usually come with the water pipe o rings or the water pump oil seal? It seems the seller only says "what you see is what you get."

Do any of you use these gasket kits or do you buy everything individually?

I am trying to make sure this engine I have is in decent condition so I want to check out the timing chain and take a look at the stator. While I am in their I want to replace the water pump oil sea as well as the mechanical seal. I know the kits do not include the mechanical seal but no one can answer about the oil seal.

Bah I just want warm weather again.
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There are usually two sets of gaskets touted as,"Full" gasket sets but are not.One set is a,"Full" head-gasket set whereas there is also a ,"Full" engine gasket set that also includes the head gaskets and most of the engine O-rings.

O-rings can sourced separately and both my engines have some cheap O-rings used in them with no problems,

You can also source coolant pipe O-rings etc at a decent plumbers supplier and here's a list of them used in the engines,

Even the high temp area of the oil orifice in the top of the cylinders on my CX use cheap O-rings and they have faired no worse than the official O-rings when the heads were taken off to be replaced with heads with new valve guides.

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