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Gasket Removal

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Last year I rebuild my CB 450. I spent days trying to get the old gaskets off. I finally used a putty knife that I honed the end to a nice sharp endge. Razor blades will dig into the aluminum. I came across a product in the cabinet called Goo Gone. I assume it is available in the grocery store. I was scrapping off the clutch cover gasket and having my usual amount of difficulty. I put some of this stuff on and let it sit for 20 minutes. The removal effort was reduced by 50%.

Your wife may have some also. Give it a try. Helps out a nasty job.
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Some type of gasket stripper will soften the gasket and make it easier to remove. I have also found that ceramic cooking top scrapers are very useful. The sharp blade cuts under the gasket, but is flexible enough to avoid digging into the aluminium. Perfect for the job.

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