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I cannot find the gl650's fuel requirement anywhere in my books. Can someone tell me what octane it should be?
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The info plate on the right side of my frame (by side cover) states to use 91 octane min. I will not put alcohol contained gas in my bike or any of my small engines. I think the non-oxy I buy is 91. If they sold it in 87 I'd try it. I do much with old outboards and that alcohol stuff raises holy hell with the carbs and the tanks get nasty too. Probably from the extended non-use. For me it is simply not worth using.

That's 91 RON which is about the same as 87 in the US.
In my area we've had 10% ethanol added to gas since the late 70s, there has been no choice in my area for over 30 years. I remember seeing the little corn stickers on the gas pumps and the drama of how it was going to plug our fuel systems with a crystallized syrup, eat fuel lines, kill fuel pumps, rot out gas tanks and destroy engines. Our cars fuel economy and HP would drop in half!

I've never had any issues with my vehicles including a 1962 Olds with a 394 Ultra High Compression Rocket, air cooled Corvair, air cooled motorcycles, CX500C, turbo charged CXs, two snowmobiles (2 stroke), L82 Corvette and a 1.3 liter Busa engine that cranks out 175 HP.

Riding mower, chain saw, leaf blower, weed eater and snowblower are seasonal items that get parked and forgotten with whatever gas is left in them and they always start up fine 6 months to a year later. And NO I don't use Sta-bil or anything like it.

My generator is used only for power outages and the gas in it is always over 1 year old and I've never had an issue with starting it.

My Corvette Stingray was put away for the winter in Nov. of 2007 and I didn't take it back out until July of this year. It started right up and I drove it around gently until that tank was used up.

I also tend to keep vehicles for a very long time and some are used very little which is supposedly horrible when it comes to 10% ethanol gas. I bought my FI Geo Storm when I was 19 (I'm currently 40) and it has 60K miles on it...never touched the fuel system. My 99 Sunfire was also bought new, has 35K miles and the fuel system has never been touched. Last month I sold the 88 Toyota truck which was in the family since new and at 22 years old the FI system still worked flawlessly. Only repair to the fuel system was the cleaning of the cold start injector at 20 years old. It still had the factory fuel filter as do most of my vehicles.

As far as cleaning carburetors...not had to deal with that much. I did have to clean the carb on the Honda scooter before selling it due to hard starting. Was it due to 10% ethanol or simply because it was almost 25 years old and used very little? I can't even recall having to touch a carburetor on my small engine yard equipment. The carbs on my '79 CX500C NEVER had to be worked on or was 11 years old when I bought it and I owned it for 14 years. And unlike many people in this forum I've never had a gas tank rot out and leak in a motorcycle and I've never had to clean or seal a tank due to flaking rust.

When it comes to buying gas I have no favorites, just pull into any franchise gas station. The turbos would be the only exception as our premium is either 92 or 93 and I prefer to use 93 in them.

This topic was discussed in detail on the old board and I know I'm not just lucky when it comes to 10% ethanol as others have also had absolutely no issues with it.
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There are refineries in Whiting Indiana but I'm not sure if our fuel comes from there or not. In Lake, Porter and LaPort counties we have emission testing on cars and the pumps have flaps on the nozzles. About 5 years ago I noticed a huge difference in the smell of our gasoline, one day it just had a repugnant stench.

Now if I drive 20 miles south into Jasper county the fuel smells like it used to plus they have old fashioned pump nozzles and no emission testing.

I have no doubt they change fuels for different locations but how much is hard to say.
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