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I cannot find the gl650's fuel requirement anywhere in my books. Can someone tell me what octane it should be?
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The federal mandate of 10% ethanol sucks major ass. Once that started happening here I had to up the jetting in my car's carb 1 size, as well as replace all the normal 30r7 fuel line with the more robust 30r9 fuel injection hose. The added ethanol was slowly eating away the inside of the 30r7 line, the clear fuel filter in my car was turning a blackish color after the first 6 months or so.

My parents live across the city, and this summer I went over there and my dad showed me his 10 year old riding lawnmower all of a sudden running rough. This thing is well maintained and always parked in a shed. After digging deep, I discovered the carb fouled with a black paste, looked like fuel line residue that had eventually gotten past the filter. Pulled the 1/4" 30r7 fuel line, cut it lengthwise, nasty decayed...ran my finger down the line and it was like black paste. Replaced that line with 30r9, cleaned-out the carb, and it runs good again, but still a little lean.

Thank you ethanol. Rant over.
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