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I cannot find the gl650's fuel requirement anywhere in my books. Can someone tell me what octane it should be?
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The info plate on the right side of my frame (by side cover) states to use 91 octane min. I will not put alcohol contained gas in my bike or any of my small engines. I think the non-oxy I buy is 91. If they sold it in 87 I'd try it. I do much with old outboards and that alcohol stuff raises holy hell with the carbs and the tanks get nasty too. Probably from the extended non-use. For me it is simply not worth using.
Thanks for explaining the RON.
George, compared to the fuel available to me I will say that you have been extremely lucky with the fuel you use in rec and utility engines. I too have (had) numerous vehilcles and small engines and until switching to non alc fuel for my small engines I suffered with sour tanks and crap filled carb bowls regularly.

I can say I have never had trouble with the fuel systems of any of my cars or pickups using the gasohol like you. I guess that is because the fuel is regularly renewed.

I have noticed several folks on this site have commented that all that is available where they live is the gasohol fuel. In Duluth, 4 of the 6 stations I frequent for fuel sell both types. This has me thinking. Could the fuel available to me be that different than what is available to you and those of you that have never had any adverse issues using gasohol or having gasohol spoil even when not using a stabilizer?

I was told that there are only a few refineries in this country. I don't know if that is true. I know I live very close to one in Superior Wi. I have always assumed my gas came from there and would have to be a fresh as any available anywhere. Maybe it doesn't come from there. Or maybe they do less with it since it is being bought more qucikly.

I do not doubt you or anyone else that have no problems using the stuff. I am saying that for me here in Duluth that stuff gets bad within the time between seasons and prior to me switching to non-oxy I pulled more carbs and dumped more cans then I care to count.

A couple years ago a pilot friend of mine showed me his fuel alcohol testing kit. I was so impressed I bought one. I found that the stated 10% stuff I bought varied from around 5% to nearly 15% at the pumps I frequent. I also found occasionally I'd even get a % or 2 in my non-oxy. I was told that the % in the non-oxy was due to residual in the line from the shared pump. Do any of you perform this testing? I'd be curious if 10% in Indiana is more like 5% or something. WIth the cost of corn these days I'd guess the oil companies would put less alcohol in their mix. I don't know and am not a fuel expert just relying on my experience and hope to learn more about this. I can say that I would much rather pay the 30+cents less per gallon for the oxygenated fuel.
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