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fuel petcock

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hey all i have what might seem a dumb question but i just took off the fuel tank on my cx500 and there is obiosly the fuel line on the petcock then there are two other lines what are they and will it run ok with out them hooked up as my new tank has only a single line petcock


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try this one

or [url=" [url=""one[/url]

His Petcock has a Vacum line... hook up the larger of the two that is coming from the right carb intake (vac) to your petcock. the other is the vent line and will become superfluous.???

The only "stupid" questions are the ones not asked... There is a search function here, I did it myself... but that's no fun

edit # 6 Well after foursix trys... screw this! you will either have to search for "petcock" or wait for another forum member... my keyboard is going south.... no E.. sorry
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i'm sorry... on further inspection you are absolutely correct CBK urven kratzer... BTW--- Love that screen name

Maybe no dumb questions... but I can prove it's not always the case with answers... just read my posts

one of the things I noticed over on Shep's site the plugging of the vac line at the carb. do not leave this undone, the bike will run like crap, and suck anything it can get through the hose into the carb or bustion chamber... (now I gotta go look ) this is actually interesting in that I was going to "modify" my Petcock to free run... had I not read that, I would not know to connect the two non fuel nipples together on my petcock.... Ahhhh more "nipples"
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