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Although I think nobody drives her Turbo for the exceptional low fuel consumption, I wonder what can be achived ?

I am not a kneescrapping rubber burning lunathic, but I like to twist the throttle a bit every now en then.

My average fuel consumption is around 17 km / liter ( 40 miles / Us Gallon, 48 miles / Uk Gallon )

Interesting is that Honda claimed it was more fuel efficient than a stock CX500, I believe this can only be achived at speeds were you have to run the stock CX500 wide open throttle.

Another question, does the fuel consumption say anything about the functioning of the fuel injection system and/or turbo ?


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On I65 here in Indiana which is about as flat and straight as can be, my 500T gets about 50 mpg. That's at a constant 75 to 80 mph with little to no turbo action. Usually I'll go 225 miles and still have a good safety margin of fuel left in the tank at fill up.

The 650T is better yet @ 2 to 3 mpg more under the same conditions.

Average city and fun back road riding with high speed turbo action thrown in brings it down to the lower 40s. I read an article somewhere that states mileage drops into the high teens while the turbo is at full boost.

Now I remember gas mileage polls on the old Swedish boards from 15 years ago and the average seemed to be 40 to 45 for a n/a CX500. My 1979 CX500C which was mint and only had 3K miles when I bought it never achieved more than 45 mpg in the 14 years I owned it. The test article specs for my 500C state 32 to 45 mpg with an average of 40 mpg. Now for some reason people are claiming well into the 50s with well worn CX500s and even GLs?

For comparison on a newer Hayabusa has a gas mileage monitor for each trip meter. Same highway above averages 49 mpg @ 85 to 90 mph. In the twisties of southern Indiana with trip meter B reset it drops to 39 mpg. The 700 mile trip I took earlier this week to southern Indiana averaged about 45 mpg.
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