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fuel cap

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Does anybody else have fuel come out the vent on their cap? I tried a cap off a different bike with the same result.
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I only have a fuel problem when I fill all the way up and then park on the side stand.
Is it possible that the rubber gasket on the cap is worn out?

How is your rubber? is it tight, hard and cracked. Or soft like it should be.
Does it look like the air holes in your cap have been enlarged?

And when does it leak? During riding. On the centerstand. On the kickstand or all 3.

Is your front end lowered or front end soggy?
Ok well there's our answer.

How do you expect a cap with holes in it to hold the fluid in when if you took the cap off gas would pour out of the hole. That's a normal thing

The while riding part is the one that gets me. Sure a splash here and a splash there but enough to run out the tank is odd.
Well I cant really speak about the gl but with my custom I normally fill the tank till I get to the bottom end of the fill hole. But when I filled up the supertank the first time I had to fill it less because there is a bigger angle.

But I can tell you I won't put the bike away right after filling it up. I usually run 3-10 miles. Then it won't leak out.
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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