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fuel cap

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Does anybody else have fuel come out the vent on their cap? I tried a cap off a different bike with the same result.
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Still seems to do it if I leave a few inches of space. I was sure it was the cap. Mounting surface where it meets the tank looks paintless, but sealable.
My rubber is between soft and hard, tried two other caps, same issue.
Judging by the dried gas streak from front to back and from the cap down the left side, I'd say both riding and on the side stand when the tank is full. Not sure about the holes, but have tried 3 caps. Maybe I am just overfilling
How full should you properly fill your tank to?
I don't even come up to that bottom ring and I still get this. I'll have to keep digging into it.
Both good suggestions, I'll check those out.
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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