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i was reading the post about dual disk brakes and thought this might be useful information to post, but didnt want to hijack that thread so started a new one. This is apparently a list of all compatible front ends by bearing size (inside dia, outside dia, thickness) and came from dotheton. Below ive highlighted the section containing some of our specific models, but the actual thread link contains the complete list with other years of our models and many other bikes.

Upper: 26 x 48.5 x 15.2

Lower: 30 x 50 x 14.4

Honda C250N (79)

Honda CB250 (Early Models)

Honda CB250RS (80-84)

Honda CBX250RS

Honda CM250T Rebel (82-84)

Honda GB250F/F2

Honda MVX250 (83-84)

Honda VT250F (83-86), VTR250 (88)

Honda CB350F/F1 (73-74), CB350G (73), CB350/ K2-K4 (69-72)

Honda SL350 /K2/K3 (69-73)

Honda CB360 (74-76), CB360GT (76), CB360T (74-77)

Honda CJ360T (76-77), CL360 (74-75)

Honda CB400A (74-75), CB400F (75-77), CB400TI/TII (78-79), CB400T (80-81)

Honda CBX400F

Honda CM400A/C/E/T (79-81)

Honda GB400

Honda CB450/K1-K7 (65-74), CB450T (82), CB450SC (82-86)

Honda CL450 /K2-K6 (68-74)

Honda CM450A/C/E (82-83)

Honda CB500/K1/K2 (71-73), CB500T (75-76)

Honda CX500 C/D (78-81)

Honda FT500 Ascot (82-83)

Honda GB500F/F2

Honda GL500/I (81-82)

Honda VT500 Ascot (83-84), VT500ED, VT500C/FT (83-84)

Honda CB550K/K1 (74-78), CB550F (75-77), CB550SC (83)

Honda CBX550F (82-83)

Honda CB650 (79-82), CB650C (80-81), CB650SC (82-85), CBX650ED/SCD

Honda CX650C (83), CX650ED

Honda GL650/I (83)

Honda VT700C (84-85)

Honda CB750K (69-78), CB750A (76-78), CB750F (75-78)

Honda VFR750C (83)

Honda VT750C (83)

Honda GL1000 (75-76)

Honda GL1000L (76)

not sure which ones of these have dual disk/caliper set ups but this is a least a start. theres also a list of compatible fork dia, which could be useful. im thinking you could just change forks to one with brake set ups for each side and keep you og triple trees, but dont quote me on that

the posting also directs attention to this site ohiocaferacers where theres a lot of good knowledge to digest.

this site has helped me a lot so id like to return the favor to others

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