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i am getting a 1980 cx500 back on the road for my wife

i just got it running for the first time in 23 years it purrs!!!

only has 5200 miles on it>

i am going to replace amongst all else the front forks seals and dust boots

My wife weighs about 145-150 the bike is naked and will have a set of leather saddle bags

containing office clothes and her laptop normally riding gear for trips.

i am thinking either 10w or 15w fork oil.

is my guess

does anyone have some experience with this or any suggestions?

thanks for all your help

Murray and Rachel

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My service manual for the 1977-1982 cx500 says to use Automatic Transmission Fluid. -135-140cc or 4.5-4.7 ozs.-

Honda Factory Service Manual.

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Yea, I'd use the BelRay or Motul 15W fork oil, it's a big improvement in many ways over common ATF such as I don't think it will absorb water like ATF can to a small extent.

Here's a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, not what I was looking for but interesting:

For reference most ATF is around 7.5W
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