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I know this topic has been a constant theme but I really need some help.

The problem I am finding is that there is so much conflicting info that I don't know whats correct.

Bike specs: 1978 cx500 currently with factory front fork and brake.

I want to upgrade to the dual disc brakes and beefier forks.

I found a guy with a 1978 Honda Goldwing. He said $150 for Front wheel/forks/ brakes/ triple clamp/ bar and controls with clutch cable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Will do, I just signed up yesterday so I haven't really played with anything in my profile yet.

I have spend the last week or so just searching through the forums looking for answers.

Here was the original list I found regarding Fork compatibility:

At this point I was feeling good about it.

Then I saw this:

Upper: 26 x 48.5 x 15.2

Lower: 30 x 50 x 14.4

Honda C250N (79)

Honda CB250 (Early Models)

Honda CB250RS (80-84)

Honda CBX250RS

Honda CM250T Rebel (82-84)

Honda GB250F/F2

Honda MVX250 (83-84)

Honda VT250F (83-86), VTR250 (88)

Honda CB350F/F1 (73-74), CB350G (73), CB350/ K2-K4 (69-72)

Honda SL350 /K2/K3 (69-73)

Honda CB360 (74-76), CB360GT (76), CB360T (74-77)

Honda CJ360T (76-77), CL360 (74-75)

Honda CB400A (74-75), CB400F (75-77), CB400TI/TII (78-79), CB400T (80-81)

Honda CBX400F

Honda CM400A/C/E/T (79-81)

Honda GB400

Honda CB450/K1-K7 (65-74), CB450T (82), CB450SC (82-86)

Honda CL450 /K2-K6 (68-74)

Honda CM450A/C/E (82-83)

Honda CB500/K1/K2 (71-73), CB500T (75-76)

Honda CX500 C/D (78-81)

Honda FT500 Ascot (82-83)

Honda GB500F/F2

Honda GL500/I (81-82)

Honda VT500 Ascot (83-84), VT500ED, VT500C/FT (83-84)

Honda CB550K/K1 (74-78), CB550F (75-77), CB550SC (83)

Honda CBX550F (82-83)

Honda CB650 (79-82), CB650C (80-81), CB650SC (82-85), CBX650ED/SCD

Honda CX650C (83), CX650ED

Honda GL650/I (83)

Honda VT700C (84-85)

Honda CB750K (69-78), CB750A (76-78), CB750F (75-78)

Honda VFR750C (83)

Honda VT750C (83)

Honda GL1000 (75-76)

Honda GL1000L (76)

Looking forward to get some definite answers on this!

Thanks again

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Not so sure

The 2 lists I posted show contradicting info...

The first list shows Upper: 26 x 48.5 x 15, 2nd shows 26 x 48.5 x 15.2

The first list shows Lower: 30 x 50 x 14.25, 2nd shows 30 x 50 x 14.4


First list shows the same bearing size for the '78 cx500 & '78 gl100 Goldwing

2nd list shows the Cx500 only compatible with the '75-76 GL1000

Sorry to be a pain. If anyone could clarify any info that would be great!

Obviously I know most parts for front end conversions are compatible with modification such as welding/machining but I am hoping to pick up a direct bolt on setup to save some aggravation/money.
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