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I know this topic has been a constant theme but I really need some help.

The problem I am finding is that there is so much conflicting info that I don't know whats correct.

Bike specs: 1978 cx500 currently with factory front fork and brake.

I want to upgrade to the dual disc brakes and beefier forks.

I found a guy with a 1978 Honda Goldwing. He said $150 for Front wheel/forks/ brakes/ triple clamp/ bar and controls with clutch cable.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I have to say it'll work, I was looking at a slightly newer goldwing, I'd say early 80's, and it all looks the same, just beefier, I'd take it... I've been wrong before, so don't sue me if you go for it because I said so, and I was wrong, but if it were me, I'd be on it

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can you put your location in your profile info and your bike model in your signature? That way if someone is around the corner they know and can help if need be, and so when you ask more ?'s we can help better

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Will do, I just signed up yesterday so I haven't really played with anything in my profile yet.

I have spend the last week or so just searching through the forums looking for answers.

Here was the original list I found regarding Fork compatibility:

At this point I was feeling good about it.

Then I saw this:

Upper: 26 x 48.5 x 15.2

Lower: 30 x 50 x 14.4

Honda C250N (79)

Honda CB250 (Early Models)

Honda CB250RS (80-84)

Honda CBX250RS

Honda CM250T Rebel (82-84)

Honda GB250F/F2

Honda MVX250 (83-84)

Honda VT250F (83-86), VTR250 (88)

Honda CB350F/F1 (73-74), CB350G (73), CB350/ K2-K4 (69-72)

Honda SL350 /K2/K3 (69-73)

Honda CB360 (74-76), CB360GT (76), CB360T (74-77)

Honda CJ360T (76-77), CL360 (74-75)

Honda CB400A (74-75), CB400F (75-77), CB400TI/TII (78-79), CB400T (80-81)

Honda CBX400F

Honda CM400A/C/E/T (79-81)

Honda GB400

Honda CB450/K1-K7 (65-74), CB450T (82), CB450SC (82-86)

Honda CL450 /K2-K6 (68-74)

Honda CM450A/C/E (82-83)

Honda CB500/K1/K2 (71-73), CB500T (75-76)

Honda CX500 C/D (78-81)

Honda FT500 Ascot (82-83)

Honda GB500F/F2

Honda GL500/I (81-82)

Honda VT500 Ascot (83-84), VT500ED, VT500C/FT (83-84)

Honda CB550K/K1 (74-78), CB550F (75-77), CB550SC (83)

Honda CBX550F (82-83)

Honda CB650 (79-82), CB650C (80-81), CB650SC (82-85), CBX650ED/SCD

Honda CX650C (83), CX650ED

Honda GL650/I (83)

Honda VT700C (84-85)

Honda CB750K (69-78), CB750A (76-78), CB750F (75-78)

Honda VFR750C (83)

Honda VT750C (83)

Honda GL1000 (75-76)

Honda GL1000L (76)

Looking forward to get some definite answers on this!

Thanks again

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Not so sure

The 2 lists I posted show contradicting info...

The first list shows Upper: 26 x 48.5 x 15, 2nd shows 26 x 48.5 x 15.2

The first list shows Lower: 30 x 50 x 14.25, 2nd shows 30 x 50 x 14.4


First list shows the same bearing size for the '78 cx500 & '78 gl100 Goldwing

2nd list shows the Cx500 only compatible with the '75-76 GL1000

Sorry to be a pain. If anyone could clarify any info that would be great!

Obviously I know most parts for front end conversions are compatible with modification such as welding/machining but I am hoping to pick up a direct bolt on setup to save some aggravation/money.

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The second list I found on this forum. The OP had copied and pasted the list and included the link below for full details.

At this point I don't know which sources are reputable since this is my first motorcycle. So All balls website normally is pretty accurate?

All Balls make bearings for everything. If anyone is going to know it's them.

I believe that third number is millimeters of thickness. .2 of a millimeter isn't going to mean anything.
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