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Hello everyone!

I admit I have never posted on the forum before, very bad I know, but have sincerely appreciated reading everyone's posts on this forum - thank you.

I have recently posted my CX500 (which I bought in March as my first street bike) on Craigslist. It's breaking my heart because I've come to be pretty attached to the look of it, and it's been purring which sure does feel good, but I don't have a garage and cash is tight right now so I'm thinking maybe I should pass it on and re-evaluate next spring.

If anyone knows someone who is looking for a CX500 ready for some cafe mods or digs the collector plate style, here's my Craigslist ad: Honda CX 500 1978 w/ COLLECTOR'S PLATES

If anyone is interested in more information I'm happy to answer any questions.

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