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??? for all the GL500I riders.

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I picked up a super clean 82 GL500I w/11K on it a few days ago and I'm going through it doing a full service and polish before I sell it. I would like to know how you guys like the ride of these bikes with 20W fork oil in them and no extra spacers to bump up the tension of the springs? I ride a GL650I as a daily rider and ended up doing the 20w and 3/4 inch spacer in it. It much improved the dive of the front end, but I think I'll reduce that later to 1/2 inch spacer in the future.

Your opinion is important to me ASAP because I'm doing the forks right now. I want who ever buys this beauty to enjoy the ride with the upgrade if you have done it and are happy with what difference it made. What did you do and what is your opinion.


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congradulations on a nice find larry.

i put new seals in mine this winter,they hold air now,iv also switched to 20wt oil and a 15mm spacer.its loads better than before,especially on these roads
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