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Oh Those !!

I though you mean the Torx ones at first as well

Well spotted.

I tried to remove some from a scrap rotor once and the buggers wouldnt budge

so I doubt they should be as loose as you said.

I'd be inclned to remove clean and refit with thread lock

I very much doubt wou'll find a torque setting for those anywhere

IIRC they're only about 4mm thread so go mad on them and you may strip threads

so I'd rely on your own common sense, experience and threadlock.

As for the oil seal, its been a while but as long as its a snug, oil tight fit

it should be OK as it only has to withstand crankcase pressure not working oil pressure.

I dont recall having to use much force to fit one.


BTW 6 magnets on the CDI rotor

so I'd say there are 12 of those screws
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