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Fly Wheel OFF!!

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I'm replacing the rotor and I need to take off the flywheel off. The instructions say to put on a special tool to lock the gear. Any suggestions on getting around this? All i'm doing is replacing the whole rotor and flywheel.

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The flywheel is the rotor on these. But to remove it, you need to remove the mounting bolt in the center and then screw in a M20x1.5 bolt into the end of the flywheel. (I used a Subaru oil pan drain bolt with a washer glued to the end to make it longer. Some say this bolt is not tough enough, so use your judgment here.) If you have a air impact wrench, thread the bolt in until it hits the crankshaft and put the impact on. You can just hold the flywheel with you hand and the impact wrench will pop it off in a couple of seconds.

If you don't have a impact, try using a good (1/2" would be best)socket on a breaker bar wrench. A ratchet type may work, but a solid head would be better. Place the wrench on the nut and use the biggest hammer you have to give the end of the wrench a good wack. A 2 lb hammer would be about right. Try this several times and see if that doesn't pop the flywheel off. You may not even have to hold the flywheel much for this operation. In between wacks, remove the socket and firmly tap on the head of the removal bolt.
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I don't think it is the same bolt. The fan is M14, the flywheel is M20.
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