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Fly Wheel OFF!!

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I'm replacing the rotor and I need to take off the flywheel off. The instructions say to put on a special tool to lock the gear. Any suggestions on getting around this? All i'm doing is replacing the whole rotor and flywheel.

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Strap wrench on the rotor will also work. You could try a breaker bar with a 17mm socket on the front of the drive shaft, after you remove the round cover on the transmission cover. I didn't have much success with that, but then again I wasn't using an air wrench at that time - got one now. The oil pan bolt I bought at the auto parts store stripped it's threads and was useless. Ended up getting a M20 bolt from Fastenal which is now in the toolbox!

If you have the front cover off, you can use a penny that would be wedged between the drive gear/clutch basket gear to hold it in place. I have done the latter and had great success,and Shep was the one to suggest that.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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