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First Time Owner

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Taken descent care of.....This one kept covered on someones porch since 94. No battery. Going to get a sealed one from Walmart. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will start. Assuming it does, any points to check from other owners?????


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Have you bought a manual yet?  If not, that should be first on the list.  After that, change all fluids and crank the engine with the kill switch on to make sure the oil light goes out.
Change oil and filter, take the plugs out and squirts some oil down. Then, take off the rocker covers and crank until oil pumps out of the rocker arms. Then, take the carbs out and the bowls off to check for rust. If the bowls are clean and dry, blow them out with cleaner and reassemble. Add gas, and try to fire her up.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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