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Only had to jumpstart the bike twice. I kinda figured this was going to happen, so I was prepared.

The only real complaint I have is that the handlebar angle gets uncomfortable after a while. It would be nice to have my hands a little farther apart and not pulled back so much. Has anyone else had this problem? Any recommendations as to what handlebars have worked for you?

I wouldn't have minded having some highway pegs either

Luggage-wise, I'm pretty limited to what I can carry in my backpack. Have any of you found good aftermarket saddlebag (or any other luggage) options?

With the jumpstart thing, is your battery old or is your charging system not working properly?

Handlebars - it's an individual thing but many here have had good luck with either daytona bend or touring bend bars. I've tried both, along with the oem deluxe bars, and for me the daytona's work and feel best. They are lower than the stock deluxe bar and also wider and flatter, putting my wrists in a more natural position. Look at bikebandit or JCwhitney and take out the tape measure on your current ride and try to get a feel for the different positions each bend would put your hands in. New bars aren't terribly expensive so if you buy a set that still don't feel great you aren't out too much money, plus you can probably resell them.

For the highway pegs, if you have crashbars I've seen people attach stretch pegs to them, and there's a couple people who have made their own pegs mount system using various attachment points to the engine block.

As for luggage, I couldn't be without my saddlebags and top box any more, it's just far too convenient and much more comfortable than a backpack (safer too). I have a set of semi-soft saddlebags and a plastic top box I just bought. The saddlebags have a plastic liner and are easily removed with just a couple quick-clips. The top box I just bought off ebay and seems reasonably well made but I thought that about my last one as well, and it died after 1 year's use. If you've got the money a known name brand like GIVI is probably best, or you could buy a used OEM Honda trunk off ebay. My bike had a luggage rack on it when I got it, but if you don't have one you'd need to add that before you could install a trunk or top box. The nice thing about the soft saddlebags is you just toss them over the seat, attach the clips the frame and go, you don't have to have any mounts for them.

Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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