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Welcome to the forum, here we suggest putting your location in your profile info so if you need help, I might live nearby and be able to come give a hand, or maybe meet up and have a CX GL run, also the bike's year and model in your signature line so if you say it's doing this, what's wrong? We can look at the bottom of any of your posts, see exactly what bike you have, and have a much better idea of what's wrong...

There are people here that are motorcycle genius's, and we have our very own carb guru, Larry, known as lrcxed or something close to that... If you are trying to figure something out, try the search, if you don't find it, someone here will help you out with whatever it is. We also feature a great buying selling thread, if you need a part, or need to sell a part, odds are you can find it there, get it cheaper, and help out a fellow rider.

We have a great community, I've met up with a couple people from the forum already, and we're working on a few runs also, and I have plans on meeting a few more in the near future.

I have ADD, and am very long winded, and I think I told you most of what you need to know

Wait, forgot, there's a checklist of things to do before putting miles on the bike, or before many miles at least, to make sure everything's ready, mostly because many of our bikes have been sitting for anywhere from 1 year to 25 years, even talked to a guy who got a bike that was ridden for 2, stored for 28, and was still as beautiful as the day it rolled off the showroom floor... The checklist is located here and our carb guru has put a book together that he's selling that completely walks you through making your carbs brand new which is strongly recommended located here

Anyway, I think I'm done lol, so I hope you enjoy your new bike, and our forum, have a great day, well, night, whatever...
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