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Hello, i just bought my first bike boy bike. Honda CX500 1980.

It ran when i bought it, it didnt feel that great, but it ran. so i assumed it would would be easy to fix.

Well, this is where i need help.

I took the engine off the frame and my brother painted it as well as the rims.

we checked as much as we could for rust and corrosion etc, everything was looking good, until we decided to put everything back together.

First: the bike started and it felt like before, it would accelerate. At low rpms the engine sounds and feels good, but as soon as i try to give it gas the engine kind of wants to die, and a lot of times it does.
So, my brother suggested taking the carbs off and inspect them, so we did, they were dirty but in good shape. we put it back on the bike and kind of worked better. But still definitely not optimal.
(So i ordered Larrys Carb Book, a rebiuld kit from Raddakks and an Ultrasonic Cleaner...Not here yet)
Also, now the bike is with no H-pipe and pods, which is the possible cause of the lack of responsiveness and power???

Second and biggest issue: Everything was good, it seems like all it needed was take care of the carbs and voila, but as i was putting all the tools away i saw some smoke coming out. I took the key of the switch but smoke continue to come out.
Long story, a little shorter lol, all the wires burnt, all of them.

Does anyone knows what could have caused this?, i realized there is no main fuse at all.
Does anyone know where could i find a new wiring harness, the whole thing :p

PS: I am still pretty new to this forum and dont know how to add pics, but once i figure it out i will, hopefully makes it easier to respond with helping answers.

Thanks for taking your time
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