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My first post on the new forum. After one year of work I finally have the bike more or less ready - I think it is worth a post. When I started I thought I will have a lot of questions, but the bike was easy to work on and any questions I might have had were already answered on the forum.

Here are a few pictures. I hoped they would have turned out better, but a cloudy day and a cheap cellphone is not a good combination.


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Very nice job, Pappa.

It looks like it's brand new. Was it hard to find spare parts in Finland?

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Beautiful! I have said this before, but once again, I really like the Plastic Maggot version. I want to duplicate the wind screen on my nacelle as well. I am partial to the red base color as well as the black.

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Was it hard to find spare parts in Finland?

New parts the Honda dealer does not have in stock, but they will order. But their price is double compared to prices in UK or Germany, so I ordered most parts from David Silver UK.

Used parts are almost impossible to find in Finland - grab rail from Netherlands and cam shaft from Germany.

Thank you internet and European Union!

That looks beautiful, but I don't think anybody is ever 'done' with these bikes. There's always something else you'll think of eventually!

Oh yes I think I'm done with the bike. It just isn't comfortable enough for my big torso and I feel very cramped on the bike. I will sell it next spring. That time of year I will hopefully get back some of the money I have invested in it.

Now that it is "Finnished", perhaps you could create a short list/post on what you did and any tips.

Finnished indeed!

I'm afraid I don't have any tips to give. On the contrary, I have used tips from this forum. I tried to get away with as little money as I could, but still ended up replacing quite a few parts:

- new tires

- new battery

- new brake pads

- new brake caliper pistons and rubber parts

- brake master cylinder rebuild kit

- new brake fluid cup

- new replica seat (the bike came with a king/queen seat)

- new aftermarket blinkers

- new clutch cable and throttle return cable

- new handlebar grips

- new fork seals (oil and dust)

- new fork top caps

- new shifter rubber

- all engine gaskets, o rings and oil seals, exhaust gaskets

- valves ground

- new (used) camshaft, the old one had pitted slopes

- new oil pump and cam chains

- all oils/fluids changed of course

- new decals and paint

I guess that's most of it. You will notice that I didn't change any of the bearings. Some previous owner had already changed the steering head bearing to a tapered one, and for the others I just tried to rub in some new grease. Also I did not replace the stator. Too expensive for just a precaution since the original looked just fine.
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