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final drive flange

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Hi people. i had the wheel off the other day for a tyre change and found i also need a final drive flange, the bit that bolts to the wheel. i cant find one anywhere. I was offered the flange bit for £50+VAT online but dont want to pay out that much. Do these parts wear alot and is there and equiveant i can use.

Its bad cos i have an MOT in 2 weeks.

If anyone has one can i buy it off you?
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I seem to remember someone (it may have been Kingston??) buying an atv part off ebay that he thought was the same as that rear drive gear for the wheel and I think it turned out that it was the same.

I did a quick search but could not find it,,I will look again,,

edit,,I found the thread,,but he does not say if the part fit or not.
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