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final drive flange

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Hi people. i had the wheel off the other day for a tyre change and found i also need a final drive flange, the bit that bolts to the wheel. i cant find one anywhere. I was offered the flange bit for £50+VAT online but dont want to pay out that much. Do these parts wear alot and is there and equiveant i can use.

Its bad cos i have an MOT in 2 weeks.

If anyone has one can i buy it off you?
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This is the part for which Honda specifies the high moly grease, because it's a severe service application. Many of our old bikes went many miles without this special lube there, and then worn out teeth result. They should be cleaned and relubed each time the rear tire is replaced. It's best to replace them as a set. Good used ones should not be too difficult to find, except you have jinxed yourself by telling the gremlins you need a set fast.
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