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I just took the final drive off of my 82 CX as part of disassembly to get the frame powdercoated. The Shop Manual had a peculiar caution that read something like "Caution - Pump Grease into Final Drive when Propeller Shaft is Removed from Engine". Usually I am a follow directions kind of guy but wasn't sure if that meant I should do this now while it is sitting idle or upon reassembly. I have two others in boxes from other bikes. Does this mean those are shot if someone didn't pump them with grease? While it was off, I planned on inspecting the drive per the manual and don't want to pump it full of grease now if that isn't what it meant. Can any of you senior high-tech guys explain what Honda meant? Thanks in advance for your help.

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No, that grease nipple is accessible any time.

The only thing that I can think of is that the shaft inside the final drive unit may be in a slightly different position when the propeller shaft is pushed back, allowing for better grease dispersal.

Your spares should be fine. Just be sure to give it a shot of grease on reassembly, before and after connecting to the engine, just to be safe.

Also, be sure to lube the drive splines with Moly60 paste, at the wheel and at both ends of the propeller shaft.

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