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Filming rebuild project

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Good morning from 0 degree Boise! I am working on tearing apart my 81 GL500 and video recording every step for my own benefit. Would this be something I should post on Youtube to possibly help others? I am no mechanic but usually work on my own stuff. I dont know half of what I am looking at until I grab a manual. I am having a great time doing this and just wanted some feedback on if others might benefic from it or just enjoy watching me make a fool of myself. I am trying to do it in 10 minute segments and pre loosening everything so the videos are not painfully slow. Curious what the community thinks of the idea.
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Good morning from 0 degree Boise!
There are quite a few of us here in the Boise area, so feel free to ask if you need local help or some one-off tools for these- we probably have them! I'm now out in Kuna, so a bit out.
I have been in Kuna for 18 years, Linder & Hubbard
I'm over near Ten Mile and Deer Flat! Just moved here in March. Been in the valley for ages.
How goes it Mobile?
It goes man. Been a rough year. The house was a nice reprieve from all the other garbage thats gone on for me, but it's also added projects. I need to get past this injured shoulder and PT so I can get back to working on bikes. I maybe get one good day of heavy lifting then I'm toast. How have you and the fam been?
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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