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Fantastic looking seat

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Hi Folks, I was wondering if anybody knows where to get this fantastic looking seat?

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OK, you have our attention! VERY nice collection you have there.

Which seat are you looking for so that everyone knows what you need?
These seats are available from Dan Topping.

He is a bit hard to reach. Other forum members will have his contact data.

He has a kind of a sales brochure :

CXTC Product Catalog

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I think Dan requires a seat core if you are going to have one made. I have a core if you need one.
I like his web site quite a bit of usefull stuff. Love the seat. Dan, I will let you know. Thanks for the offer.
Good luck reaching Dan Topping...
Try reaching him on facebook or calling him direct.
I don't think he's doing the seats anymore; but I could be wrong. Let us know what you find out.

He was getting them made through sargents cycle seats in Florida.

Maybe Dan would have the pattern if he's not interested in getting them made again.

I had contacted them awhile ago and it didn't seem that they had any special pattern/style for turbo seats. Or else they were protecting Dan's patterns.
I can have the seats done for you, or you could contact SARGENT seats in Jacksonville, FL. They are the ones I wworked with the design with and chose the colors. I ahve several stock seats in great condition and also a few pans I could send off to be reupholstered. The seats are about $350 -$400 to haev done using the new gelfoam. Very comfortable and much higher quality than the OEM seat.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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