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Was just out for the first ride of the season on my GL650 that was reconditioned by DavidInWisconsin. His last project. First start in about 9 months. I was busy with Early Election Work and the new sidecar on my Interceptor last fall.
I did do a spray of starter fluid in the air box with the filter out to compensate for empty carburetor bowls. Choke open and cranked right up and pushed the choke in to about 1/4". No sputtering, smoke or hesitation.
I did put the trickle charger on it last month when I look the Interceptor out. Now the trickle is on the GL500. Both GLs have AGM batteries.

Went for a ride on the Mississippi River Parkway. Everything riding like a new bike! I was worried about remembering to put my foot down (a reason why I didn't ride it much after getting the sidecar last fall.) But wasn't an issue. The biggest difference I noticed was pushing the bikes in an out of the garage. The Interceptor and sidecar are much easier to push in an out of the garage and up the incline to the garage. I would never have guess it, but not dealing with balancing makes it much easier.

It was nice to lean again! And the GL650 handlebar and peg placement and the seat fits me perfectly. I have a gel Speedmetal pad on the seat now and a carrier on the back. More comfy than the Corbin which is still being broken in on the Interceptor. I'll be riding it more. Maybe every other ride now that I know putting your foot down comes easy. Stops still take more effort without the car. With the car you have more freedom to turn your head to look around without the bike trying to go that way. But it sure is easier to miss the potholes. You do have to mind the sand more that is still on the road especially at intersections.
Was going to ride the Sidecar on the pre-ride but we will be Amtraking to Chicago and get home that Saturday. And then the GL650 on the official ride. I'll just ride the GL650 this year.
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