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I"m installing aftermarket shorty slash-cut mufflers on my cx500 (the h-box and original mufflers are gone). I'm using murray's quick build exhaust pipe.I know lots of you just weld the quick build pipe to the stock headers... my headers are in very good condition and I don't want to weld to them just yet, so I'd like to clamp the pipe to the SS headers.

Problem is that the stock header outer diameter (OD) is 1-1/2" and the connecting pipe inner diameter (ID) is 1-5/8". So welding could work but clamping won't get a good seal.
Basically I need some sort of 1/8" sleeve like the Emgo Muffler Reducer 80-47310 for $6 on amazon ( Has anyone used this before or have any other ideas?


Read these threads.... they didn't help me but might help someone else looking for something similar:
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