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Exhaust Pipe--H Box Seperation (UGH!!)

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The last and only other time I dropped my engine I made a moderate attempt to seperate my exhaust pipes from the H-box with no luck and ended up taking them away and then re-installing them (the two pipes and the box) as one piece since I had more pressing issues to deal with.

Since then, however, I've procured a much more attractive set of pipes and would love to swap them out with the much grungier ones that refused to cooperate the first time around.

Has anyone ever fought this battle and won?? I'm dealing with an '81 Custom with 75K on the odometer. Heat?? Solvents? I fear getting too heavy handed and trashing the box and/or the pipes that are now on the bike and perfectly funcional.

Thanks, as always, for any thoughts on the matter.....;gweric
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I've found CX ex boxes or at least the two i've done to be fairly easy to get off the bike and take apart . I block them up with soft plywood, use hardwood rods driven by a three lb maul... and somewhat carefully beat ( the crap out of ) them apart. Typical, as things like this start to give a little in one place, I keep shifting point of impact one side to the other. sooner or later
they will fall apart as if it was easy...

PS. I had one on a j yard bike that I really smacked with a couple 2x4s expecting to damage it. I just wanted to fill the pipes and box with water to measure their internal volume(s) (guess why Reg
) Surprisingly, all beating it good it seemed to do was loosen a load of internal rust leaving the header and box AOK.. when they fell apart.

O.T> P.S. Does Anyone know the internal volume of a stock 82cx500 airbox. I need a aprox figure from the butterflys through the box it'self to the cold air intake boot edge.
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