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Exhaust Pipe--H Box Seperation (UGH!!)

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The last and only other time I dropped my engine I made a moderate attempt to seperate my exhaust pipes from the H-box with no luck and ended up taking them away and then re-installing them (the two pipes and the box) as one piece since I had more pressing issues to deal with.

Since then, however, I've procured a much more attractive set of pipes and would love to swap them out with the much grungier ones that refused to cooperate the first time around.

Has anyone ever fought this battle and won?? I'm dealing with an '81 Custom with 75K on the odometer. Heat?? Solvents? I fear getting too heavy handed and trashing the box and/or the pipes that are now on the bike and perfectly funcional.

Thanks, as always, for any thoughts on the matter.....;gweric
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I´ve only had limited success with penetrating fluids, although they may not hurt, either.

As long as the old mufflers (and H-box) are in reasonable nick I always end up doing it this way:

Loosen the clamps and brackets - quite obvious, eh?

Try to wiggle the mufflers up and down, as well as sideways. They don´t want to co-operate, but if you try just a little bit more - just as much as needed to widen the slotted H-box opening a little - they should. No need to be brutal, only determined.

Go on with the wiggling and you´ll feel when things start to happen. Maybe also some mallet blows on the bracket behind the muffler rearwards will help. More wiggling, and soon enough you should (hopefully) have the muffler separated without damages - now if it (and the H-box) was reasonably sound from the beginning.

At least that´s the way I´ve always done it. Once I lost a couple of mufflers but they truly weren´t worth saving, anyway. Totally rotted, where they connected to the H-box.

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